Valentine's Day History

History of Valentine's Day



Many countries around the world now celebrate Valentine’s Day. Did you ever wonder how this Holiday came to be? There are a few versions of how Valentine’s Day came to be. One story suggests that we celebrate the Holiday to celebrate St. Valentine who secretly married couples without the emperors approval. He was executed by emperor Claudius on February 14th.  St.Valentine suffered a terrible beating and then was beheaded. Pope Gelasius created a day in his honor.


Another version of the story of Valentine’s Day is that the early Roman’s  would pray to the fertility god  and have a feast to celebrate Lupercalia, the fertility god and god of spring and give thanks to the god Juno on February 14th.  Juno was the goddess of women and marriage.


The Roman priests changed the day from praying to the pagan gods to praying to St. Valentine’s. Initially, very expensive gifts were given to loved ones to celebrate. Eventually, the German’s changed the holiday to handing out handmade cards with romantic verses in them.


Almost 200 million Valentine’s Day cards are given on this day. The idea of giving a card to a loved one is an old tradition that started early in the 16th century.


More than half of American’s give their loved one a Valentine’s Day card. In early 2000, the amount spend on sending roses hit almost $80 million dollars. Roughly $14 billion was spent on chocolates


How we celebrate Valentine’s Day continues to evolve. Enjoy being with your loved ones this February 14th how ever you choose to celebrate.



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